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The Services I offer


Homepages are the first step to introduce yourself or your project to the internet. I create attractive and mobile friendly websites.


You want to do more than just displaying content on a webpage? I develop Web-Applications adapted to your specific needs.

cloud solutions

With team collaboration tools or custom domains for E-Mails and webservices I can help you to make more out of your work.


You're looking for a way to simplify your workflows or you're even new to the PC-World? I can introduce you to tools, which will make your life easier.

Hi, I am Michael Koriath...

I'm a computer-science student living in Munich, Germany. Quite some time ago, I started to develop web applications. This has also lead me to the administration of servers, continuous delivery, project management solutions and many more technologies. We practiced and improved this in many successful projects for the Klinikum der Universität München. Lately I was introduced to automated Software-Testing at PAYBACK. The PAYBACK App includes many interesting features, like mobile payment at your local store, which consist of interesting test scenarios.

Get in Touch with me

I'm happy to assist you in projects and support your ideas.
Feel free to send me an E-Mail and I will answer as soon as possible. Of course, you can also write me, if you've any quesions or just want to drop me a line.

Michael Koriath
Raidinger Str. 5
81377 Munich